One of the world’s worst problems is one of the easiest to help solve — and you can help.

Inefficient stove technologies contribute to deforestation, unsafe conditions in the home, soil erosion, and contribute to the death of 2 million infants each year due to wood-smoke inhalation.

Hestian’s improved cook stoves and fuel efficiency projects in Southern Africa directly reduce indoor cooking smoke – one of the leading causes of acute respiratory infections and the top killer of young children worldwide.

Hestian’s efforts have resulted in over 3,500,000 Malawians using improved cook-stoves and helped to create over 3,000 jobs.

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Our Stove = Less Smoke

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Our Stove

The stove raises the cooking pot to the hottest point above the flame, resulting in less fuel, less smoke and quicker cooking.

Health & Environment

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Health & Environment

50%+ of deaths of children under 5 are from pneumonia caused by inhaling soot.
Africa’s wood is being harvested faster than it is being replanted

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Hestian works with local partners using results based incentives


Cookstoves promoted by Hestian are hand made using local materials, fostering local ingenuity and self-reliance.

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Hestian’s stoves are funded via a Greenhouse Gas Reduction system. The better local entrepreneurs perform, the more they are rewarded. We think it’s a really clever and innovative system. Click here to learn more.

For every Euro 20 received as Support, one VER is retired permanently. (Smaller amounts will be aggregated.)

VERs are a very cool metric for measuring successful stove distribution, user-training and on-going maintenance because of the Gold Standard* auditing system.

The stoves replace traditional 3 Stone Fires.

It’s really a Quadruple Whammy:

  1. Health benefits from less household smoke
  2. Job creation for 1000’s of women in rural areas of Africa
  3. Fuel cost and labour savings for 10,000s of ultra-low-income families
  4. Environment saving though Greenhouse Gas Reductions and natural resource preservation

This method of development funding is really clever because it is results based and not aspirational.

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If this village can plant 10 trees and prune 5 trees, the whole village can use the wood for one month, as the wood required for a Chitetezo Mbaula is not a lot.
Metnes Chafumbwa, Village Elder Chinkwita
Once you are sick, you can move the Chitetezo stove and put it nearby.

It is portable and it can be used to keep you warm.

Falesi Mwamadi, Stove Producer and User
I pay school fees for my child in secondary school. When we use the Chitetezo stove, we save the environment.
Sidiveria Zagwa, Chairperson Mchenga Production Group