Reducing the emission of greenhouse gas is good for our climate. As responsible global citizens we should reduce emissions as much as possible. For those emissions that we cannot reduce we can purchase carbon offsets elsewhere.

What does the Hestian Project do?

The Hestian Project stoves reduce greenhouse gas emissions because they burn much less wood.

“VER” sounds like techno-babble and it is. But it’s also a clever way of measuring reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s a unit of measurement, that’s all. One VER = one metric tonne of CO2 not emitted.

It’s a very important measurement for all of us and for our planet.

We should reduce our emissions as much as we can and for those emissions we cannot reduce we can offset . You can do this by buying VERs.

The Gold Standard has come up with a rigorous auditing system for proving these reductions have actually happened. The Gold Standard is a non-profit foundation based in Switzerland and it’s the organisation  that ‘issues’ these VERs.

For more information on our Gold Standard projects click here.

Why support us by buying VERS?

In short, it makes all this happen. You are helping the health of the stove users.

When you “buy” a VER what that means is we permanently retire a Gold Standard VER  from the Gold Standard registry – it can never be re-used or re-sold.

The funds generated from your support help the Hestian Project and our local co-implementers to expand the benefits of cleaner cooking to more people in Africa.

And if that isn’t enough – Climate Justice

Your support increases the resilience of thousands of households who now have less smoke in their homes, save fuel, and have less pressure on their natural resource base – so they are stronger in the face of a changing climate.

Remember they are typically small-scale farmers who are: most dependent on our climate for their livelihoods, most affected by but least responsible for climate change.

New – Sustainable fuel initiative

Biomass residue pellets

In addition to fuel efficiency, the Hestian Project with its local co-implementers are promoting fuels that are harvested in a sustainable way. For more info click here.