1109, 2019


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The Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) is dominated by a small number of “brokerage” – type entities acting as “intermediaries” / “middlemen”.  Unlike every single functioning global market for Equities, Commodities, Currencies and Real Estate, most of the VCM continues to keep asset prices (i.e. for carbon credits such as CERs and VER prices) secret.  This has […]

2006, 2017

Meeting in Morelia, Michoacán, México

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Hestian co-organised an event with colleagues from the Cookstoves Coalition and Cleaner Cooking Coalition  and the Research Institute in Ecosystems and Sustainability (IIES) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) from May 31st to June 2nd 2017.

IIES has a rich experience in ecology, society and technology with emphasis on ecological cookstoves and has its […]

1804, 2016

Major Support from Norway

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On April 8, 2016  the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment and Hestian entered into a 5-year purchase agreement for up to 1.54 million CERs from Hestian’s improved cookstove POA based in Malawi.

2810, 2015

Meeting basic needs

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All of us have basic needs.

Some of these needs require energy. To study, to work, to play we may require light, power or heat.

For many people worldwide their basic energy needs are not being met. In other words they don’t have enough light to study after sunset, enough power to be connected to the internet, […]

1809, 2015

Heforshe Role Model

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Beginning in 2012, Alfred Chisale, a husband and father to two daughters, now leads a team of 29 – including 17 women – producing Chitetezo Mbaula clay cookstoves; simple but quietly transforming the lives of thousands of women and children on a daily basis.

Alfred’s wife of 14 years, Christina, and her friends prefer the US$2 […]

2204, 2015

Education, Education, Education.

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What better way to encourage kids and their parents that going to school is a good thing, than to be guaranteed a nutritious meal every school day!

This is the basic premise of school feeding programmes that can be  the catalyst for better school attendance, more attentive students and kids coming back year after year.

Large cookstoves, known […]