Energy efficient cooking using 100% renewable fuels is truly sustainable.

At the Hestian Project, we actively promote fuels from solid biomass such as wood, bamoo agricultural residues that are sustainably harvested.

Interesting areas of development are:

  • farm¬†residues that can be densified in pellets, briquettes or bales;
  • fast growing species that are already dense and that can be processed in a simple way such as bamboo; and
  • food and fuel crops such as pigeonpea, whose stalk can substitute energy needs of a small-scale, subsistent farming family for 3 months of the year.

As sustainable fuel value chains are developed with reliable availability throughout the year, more efficient cooking and heating options using ‘next generation’ gasifier stoves can be scaled up.

It is in this exciting ‘space’ that we can move from cleaner cooking to clean cooking.

Watch this space!