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Cleaner Cooking*

* For every 20 Euros received as Support, one VER is retired permanently. (Smaller amounts will be aggregated.)
* Every 5 Euros received is equivalent to 1 month of cleaner cooking.

VERs are a very cool metric for measuring successful stove distribution, user-training and on-going maintenance because of the Gold Standard* auditing system.

The Hestian Project’s stoves are funded via a Greenhouse Gas Reduction system. The better local entrepreneurs perform, the more they are rewarded. We think it’s a really clever and innovative system. Click here to learn more..

The stoves replace traditional 3 Stone Fires.

It’s really a Quadruple Whammy:

  1. Health benefits from less household smoke
  2. Job creation for 1000’s of women in rural areas of Africa
  3. Fuel cost and labour savings for 10,000s of ultra-low-income families
  4. Environment saving though Greenhouse Gas Reductions and natural resource preservation

This method of development funding is really clever because it is results based and not aspirational.

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